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Isnin, 15 April 2013, ϟ 0 shout(s)

Salam!! Sya just nak bagi tahu ni yg GD ada buat World Tour.. And you know what??
GD punya World Tour akan buat kat malaysia!!! Omo!! I wanna died right now. *Broken English* 
Serius gila ni? Rasa mcm nak lompat2 je atas katil bila YG dah umum kan Yg malaysia dah tersenarai. 
I wanna scream like that!! But when i see GD tix in onther country. I went cry right now!! T__T 
Why the tix so expencive GD!! Why?? Maybe becouse the sponser GDWT is the English man. That why the tix so expencive. 
I have dont many money right now!! Ohhhh GD!! Huwmmm..
I want to see u (GD) Face to face. I want the see your sweet smile.. And enjoy you concert with VIP.. So sad like that. 

Dah lah masa Alive Tour pun tak dapat pergi. Dan GDA pun tak dapat pergi..Sgt2 lah menyedih kan.. Huhuhu.. Agak2 bila lah aku dapat jumpa GD kan.. Dlm mimpi je kot.. Huhuhu T__T
I Hope so One day i see u face to face.. Amin!! :')

Dream come true!!! ^^

Okey!! Tu jelah nak cerita. Abaikan Broken English aku tu. Agak berterabur sikit.. Huhuhu.. Bye2!!

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